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My trip truly changed my perspective and my character as a man...

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

I was introduced to the (HBCU) tour when Ms. Nicki (the one who led the tour) came to speak at my school to see if anyone was interested. Instantly I was interested and long story short I shared the message with my two best friends (Navahn and Isaiah) and we all went together. I went in hoping to meet new people, but I was extremely surprised by the bonds I made with everyone on tour.

The entire bus started singing and having a great time the minute we stepped on and the music was on. We were all talking to each other as if we’d known each other. It was like this the whole trip; everyone stayed hyped and talkative. Even after a little argument or confrontation, we stepped on that bus and it was like a restart, everyone was just happy… truly happy.

It was so nice to see young black excellence, everywhere. For myself (and many others on the trip) it was the first time we had been around such a large number of our people. It meant the world to me. Being around other kids my age, that acted like me, talked like me, and looked like me; it was the first time I have ever been around so many teenagers of any race, who truly had a passion to succeed in life and reach their goals. Don’t get me wrong there were DEFINITELY so many different personalities. However, we were all so similar at the same time, which I think our society is blind to in 2023.

The bony hit me on the last day! I was so sad to see everyone leave and go on with their real lives. I thought everyone would forget about each other, but I was severely mistaken. On the way home, another student shared a sensitive story about himself and how grateful he was for everyone on tour. Then for 3.5 hours the microphone was passed around the bus and everyone began telling each other personal stories that they had never told anyone before. I went up there myself and told my story, essentially thanking everyone for being open and accepting me as a mixed-race male, who's usually not excepted by any race. I didn’t think it would hit me, but I had tears in my eyes in front of everyone.

That 3.5 hours was the best 3.5 hours of my life! I know it may sound cliché, but this trip truly changed my perspective and my character as a man. I could never be more thankful for the people I met and the bonds I made on this trip. I am extremely excited for our future together as a group and all of the after-parties and get-togethers we will have.

Jayden Williams, Junior at St. Edwards High School

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