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Meet Owner & Co-Founder

Hello! Thank you for your interest to travel with us!


My name is Nickisha Johnson, and I am honored to share my journey with you..

Hailing from Cleveland, OH, I am a proud graduate of Cleveland Heights High School. I've always had a deep passion for exploring the world and connecting with diverse cultures. Heights High truly taught me the value of diversity. This passion is what led me to embark on an incredible path of discovery.

After completing my BSBA from Indiana Wesleyan University, I knew I wanted to combine my love for travel with my dedication to service and community outreach. As a proud mother of a wonderful boy, nothing brings me more joy than being a loving and caring mother.

With a burning vision in mind, I co-founded The Elite Travel Co. with the mission to connect travelers to the rich African heritage and celebrate the remarkable contributions my culture have made throughout history. I firmly believe that by embracing our roots, we can inspire future generations and foster a stronger sense of identity and pride.


Through my own travel experiences, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and active community engagement, I strive to create meaningful and transformative travel experiences for all. I firmly believe that by bringing the community alongside me, we can make a lasting impact.

As we look to nurture the next generation of fearless leaders, my focus lies in empowering our youth. They hold the power to shape a brighter future, and I am committed to empowering them through immersive travel experiences and meaningful connections to our cultural heritage.

My ultimate mission is to connect people to various parts of Africa, ensuring our role in returning to the continent where African people were originated, taken, and were said to never return. Today, and for generations to come, The Elite Travel Co. is dedicated to bringing Africans back home.

I extend a warm invitation to you to join The Elite Travel Co. group tours. You can embark on one of our thoughtfully pre-arranged tours or allow us the pleasure of curating a customized travel experience tailored to the unique interests of you and your group. All are welcome.


Your journey awaits!

From my heart to yours, I want to express my gratitude for considering The Elite Travel Co. as your trusted partner in exploring the world and celebrating Black history. Together, let's make unforgettable memories and embrace the power of travel to transform lives.

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