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Group Tours

Upcoming Group Tours

Welcome to The Elite Travel Co., your premier full-service travel agency dedicated to creating unforgettable group travel experiences to various parts of Africa. Our mission is to bridge the gap between African Americans and our ancestral origins by curating beautiful travel adventures to African countries such as Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, The Gambia, Morocco, Tanzania, and many more.

With our carefully crafted group tours, we offer prepackaged itineraries designed specifically with 10 or more travelers in mind. Our tours are meticulously planned to provide you with a seamless and extraordinary journey, ensuring that your travel experience is second to none.

Explore the wonders of ancient Egypt, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Ghana, witness the rich history of Senegal, embrace the warmth of The Gambia, indulge in the exotic flavors of Morocco, or embark on a thrilling safari in Tanzania. Each of our tours is thoughtfully designed to showcase the unique beauty, heritage, and diversity of the African continent.

Stay connected with us to stay informed about our upcoming tours and new travel packages. If you have a specific vision in mind, we also offer the option to customize your own group tour to various African countries. Simply get in touch with us, and our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you in creating a tailor-made travel experience that fulfills your dreams.

Join us on this transformative journey as we reconnect with our roots, embrace cultural exchange, and create lifelong memories. The Elite Travel Co. is here to make your group travel dreams to Africa a reality.

Accra, Ghana

Explore Our Group Tours

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Tours of Ghana

June 2024 

The Elite Travel Co. is going back to Ghana and we welcome you to join us as we treat our guests to this one-of-a-kind adventure you will never forget.

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Tour of Egypt

October 2024
December 2024

The Elite Travel Co. will explore Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, Egypt. We will journey on multiple private guided tours, and sail along the beautiful Nile River. 

TV Tower and Cairo downtown on the Nile, Egypt_edited.jpg

The Ultimate Student Voyage  - Destination Egypt

December 2024 

Our very first voyage will take place in Cairo, Egypt! ​ Students will spend 9 total days in Egypt for Winter Break. Africa has the most beautiful weather in December, so our timing is perfect!


Request A Custom Tour

You want a tour that is not listed here, You can request a custom tour curated by The Elite Travel Co.!

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